Monday mindfulness Mandala making. 

Monday mindfulness Mandala making. This Mandala is designed to perceive a new understanding of your self . This brings new beginnings. Birth and rebirth of your ego, which is an occurrence that happens a lot during the course of one lifetime. The eye at the center of this Mandala signifies the ego, that part of you that you call “I”. And lastly, remember I AM are the 2 most powerful words you can tell yourself. #coloringmandalas #eyeiam #perception #rebirth

Mother energy on Mother’s Day 

My moon is in cancer. This placement is the natural home for a motherly type. As a cancerian moon I am not a mother. Instead I’m a nurturer to children. I teach them yoga and mindfulness. Perfect path for a Sagittarius rising. Teaching is my passion. Today on Mother’s Day I had the opportunity to lead children through a goat yoga practice. We flowed, we connected with compassion and we played with the goats. I couldn’t have pictured a better Mother’s Day for someone without a child. Namaste with a grateful heart.