Road trip through the Navajo


Driving down the highway of Arizona, through the dust roads and the open landscape of the Navajo reservation, I begin to feel a depth that lies within both my surroundings and myself. I see so much open landscape and life that seems to have never been touched. In places like this I am happy that no one has discovered this open space for modern possibilities. I am happy that there are no strip malls, shopping malls and 7-11’s. I am happy there are no cookie-cutter homes, golf courses, computer companies, old warehouses and McDonald’s on every corner of the highway.

I see Navajo men riding back and forth from their home to their vendor spot. White wooden shelves with roofs to protect the kachina dolls, Navajo blankets, baskets and pottery lay in their natural place. There is little to no life in this wide-open space. The only life that is visible is the saguaro cactus, red rocks and brightly lit sky.

I feel good in this place where there is little distraction, where peace is written all throughout the landscape and where depth of life shines on all corners of the highway. It makes me happy to know there is a place in this world that is seen for what it really is and not destroyed by modern technology.

State of Consciousness

Listen to

the beat

As the music flows through delicate skin…



The words that speak

Connection, stars,

Where did this all begin?

Music draws closer to my body.

I turn the radio up to volume 15

My feet dance to the beat

Energy carries throughout the veins…

Truth…Take me to a place where I

can find answers.

Questions that have never been answered.

My soul…craves for that moment

I cannot grasp these emotions unless

I am inspired…Sense, happiness.

Energy flows through my body as the

water beats down on my face.

Hot, cold, warm.

I am comfortably numb.

Letting Go

I would like to share with you a poem that I wrote 10years ago for my last poetry class that I took in college. I graduated from University of Arizona as a Creative Writing Major with a minor in fine arts. I choose to pursue these studies after the death of my father. Many of my poems were inspired by those feelings of loss. I want you to know that I have come along way since then and after writing the poem below. I still have a ways to go, but we all do. As we all know, it takes a lifetime…

Letting Go
In meditation
I see myself swimming
Down the river of life
Holding onto the log
And not allowing myself
To let go
I remember my years
Of learning how to swim
I swam down the lane
Of the swimming pool.
I cried and feared
The idea of letting go
And drowning in the big swimming pool
That seemed larger than its actual existence.
Letting go seemed
Hard as I tried to
Swim in the middle of the pool
But as time passed
I learned to let go of the wall
And swim on my own
Down to the end of the pool.
I met the challenge of letting go
And trusting my own inner ability
Now, I just wish I could trust that
Same inner ability and let go of the log
That sits in the middle of the river.
I wish I had no fear
Of letting go and allowing
The river of life to take
Me to that same end that
I reached in the swimming pool
After letting go of the wall.


My heart opened earlier as I was listening to Krishna Das. It is amazing how chanting truly opens the heart. I feel love surrounding me from the ground up and feel so blessed to be living during such an amazing, transformative time in history. I look forward to the future and embrace this moment with my entire heart. I am grateful.
much love.

Vision Board

It’s day 29 and it’s been 28days since I purchased Gabrielle Bernsteins  book “Add more ~ing to your life” I absolutely loved this book and would read it again. One of the biggest things that I immediately took from it was creating a vision board. I had heard throughout the years that it was a great way to manifest your desires, but never actually followed through with doing it. I told a friend recently; actually before this book to do this, but thought to myself “I too need to do this, especially if I am going to tell my best friend to do this.” So after reading the book I knew it was time.
I created two. One board is of the people I need to forgive and another of all that I want to manifest in the next few months// year to 5 years.
I have seen incredible results and it’s only the 29th day of the month! WOW!
Whenever I start to think bad about that person that I need to forgive; I grab the forgiveness board and stare at their picture. I send them love and light and ask my inner guide to release and allow forgiveness.
As for the vision board of my desires; well that’s where I am really seeing results. I have seen the results of manifesting money to practice with an amazing teacher whom I just spent two days with and transformed my yoga practice to a new dimension, I manifested money to use towards a vacation that I long for after graduation, which will be Costa Rica and I have launched a t-shirt design that is said to be printed and accomplished by next week. Although my board isn’t just about manifesting money; it is showing the results of the power of visualization.
WOW! It’s only day 29 and it’s just the beginning…….
much love…