Letting Go

I would like to share with you a poem that I wrote 10years ago for my last poetry class that I took in college. I graduated from University of Arizona as a Creative Writing Major with a minor in fine arts. I choose to pursue these studies after the death of my father. Many of my poems were inspired by those feelings of loss. I want you to know that I have come along way since then and after writing the poem below. I still have a ways to go, but we all do. As we all know, it takes a lifetime…

Letting Go
In meditation
I see myself swimming
Down the river of life
Holding onto the log
And not allowing myself
To let go
I remember my years
Of learning how to swim
I swam down the lane
Of the swimming pool.
I cried and feared
The idea of letting go
And drowning in the big swimming pool
That seemed larger than its actual existence.
Letting go seemed
Hard as I tried to
Swim in the middle of the pool
But as time passed
I learned to let go of the wall
And swim on my own
Down to the end of the pool.
I met the challenge of letting go
And trusting my own inner ability
Now, I just wish I could trust that
Same inner ability and let go of the log
That sits in the middle of the river.
I wish I had no fear
Of letting go and allowing
The river of life to take
Me to that same end that
I reached in the swimming pool
After letting go of the wall.

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