Vision Board

It’s day 29 and it’s been 28days since I purchased Gabrielle Bernsteins  book “Add more ~ing to your life” I absolutely loved this book and would read it again. One of the biggest things that I immediately took from it was creating a vision board. I had heard throughout the years that it was a great way to manifest your desires, but never actually followed through with doing it. I told a friend recently; actually before this book to do this, but thought to myself “I too need to do this, especially if I am going to tell my best friend to do this.” So after reading the book I knew it was time.
I created two. One board is of the people I need to forgive and another of all that I want to manifest in the next few months// year to 5 years.
I have seen incredible results and it’s only the 29th day of the month! WOW!
Whenever I start to think bad about that person that I need to forgive; I grab the forgiveness board and stare at their picture. I send them love and light and ask my inner guide to release and allow forgiveness.
As for the vision board of my desires; well that’s where I am really seeing results. I have seen the results of manifesting money to practice with an amazing teacher whom I just spent two days with and transformed my yoga practice to a new dimension, I manifested money to use towards a vacation that I long for after graduation, which will be Costa Rica and I have launched a t-shirt design that is said to be printed and accomplished by next week. Although my board isn’t just about manifesting money; it is showing the results of the power of visualization.
WOW! It’s only day 29 and it’s just the beginning…….
much love…

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