Road trip through the Navajo


Driving down the highway of Arizona, through the dust roads and the open landscape of the Navajo reservation, I begin to feel a depth that lies within both my surroundings and myself. I see so much open landscape and life that seems to have never been touched. In places like this I am happy that no one has discovered this open space for modern possibilities. I am happy that there are no strip malls, shopping malls and 7-11’s. I am happy there are no cookie-cutter homes, golf courses, computer companies, old warehouses and McDonald’s on every corner of the highway.

I see Navajo men riding back and forth from their home to their vendor spot. White wooden shelves with roofs to protect the kachina dolls, Navajo blankets, baskets and pottery lay in their natural place. There is little to no life in this wide-open space. The only life that is visible is the saguaro cactus, red rocks and brightly lit sky.

I feel good in this place where there is little distraction, where peace is written all throughout the landscape and where depth of life shines on all corners of the highway. It makes me happy to know there is a place in this world that is seen for what it really is and not destroyed by modern technology.

One thought on “Road trip through the Navajo

  1. One of my favorite things about flying is seeing how much open space there still is in this country ~ I get panicked by all of the development that is continually going on, but up in there air you see that there are still so many places untouched.

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