My recent heal~ing

I work on myself daily. It isn’t because I am self-centered or selfish, but because I strive to become a better person. With that said; it’s ok to be selfish. We have to be to be better people.

One of the tools that I use to heal my life is through flower essences. Flower essences were introduced to me by my college friend Jan. She introduced them to me after my dad died. They have saved me from creating unnecessary fears and manifesting illnesses that exist in the mind, which is true in itself.

Flower essences are vibrational and do not harm the person. They support the internal process of what is already happening inside of us. They are known as “liquid messengers” extracted from flowers. The first pioneer in the flower essence world is Dr. Edward Bach. if you search him on google you will find a large amount of information about him or check out:

In the meantime, I have used these essences for  some time as well as “Desert Alchemy.” I find them all to be very amazing and supportive.

I have been recently using two, which have been very effective. LARCH instills a greater sense of self-esteem when feeling inferior, fear failure and lack confidence. I have felt this way as I have come on yet another college graduation and the idea of job search scares me a bit in this economy. This essence is helping me calm down and see it in another light.  The next essence is CHESTNUT BUD. This essence helps you see your mistakes objectively so you can learn from them and move on. We all make mistakes! There’s no question there. However, this essence is sooooo powerful in allowing one to calm down and look inside and see the mistakes. I have noticed such a shift in my feelings about certain areas where I KNOW I made mistakes and where I need to move on. This may come in the form of a past relationship, conflict, opportunity you turned down etc…It’s amazing how these flowers can help aid in making these inner changes.

Remember, everything comes from within….

don’t fear making the necessary changes…

Also, note that these essences don’t make you be or do anything….it already exists WITHIN YOU…


New way of think~ing

I am searching for a new way of thinking this year. I have to! It’s the only thing that I can do to survive. My life is filled with so much abundance and there are so many times when I am blinded by this. It’s not that I am not aware of my constant abundance; it’s that I get scared! I get scared of not having enough when everything that I need is right there in front of me.

I grew up well off. I attended boarding school in New Hampshire, went to college in Tucson, lived in America’s finest yuppy town a.k.a Boulder, lived in the luscious mountains known as the Berkshires and now live in America’s Southern Banking town a.k.a Charlotte. So there you go; I just saw all the abundance that I am surrounded by after writing all that down. See, writing is a release. Same with painting or drawing. I got it all..creativity, abundance, spirituality and family. Well then why the heck am I scared of not having enough?

That’s where my new way of thinking is coming in. I am re-programming my mind to think about what I have differently. For example, back in November when I posted everyday  on Facebook up until thanksgiving about something I was grateful for; showed positive results in the month of december. There was a week in december where I had so much come to me and all I wanted to do was give, give, give…I received free groceries, I received a huge package of free yoga supplies and got an internship all within 5 days of each other! Now that’s pretty damn impressive. I believe it was because I was grateful for all that I have…So that’s where my new way of thinking is coming in.

Today’s result; I went to the grocery to buy fruits and veggies and decided to add diapers to the list. I wanted to buy these diapers for a friend who is pregnant and in need of baby supplies. As I was standing in line buying; I met two little girls who were with their mom. I loved chatting and kid flirting..Before you know it, the littlest one said “Hey! can I get a hug?” I bet she was 3 1/2 yrs old! I believe she sensed my kindness and in return I got a big hug….I left and I said “Ciao bella!”