Good Morning Sun…

Good Morning Sun….

One of  the best times of day to meditate is early in the morning. As the sun rises so does my breath! As I awaken from a peaceful slumber, I sit up and turn my face towards the east. It is said that this is also a very good direction to meditate/pray. From my own experience, I feel more balanced when I meditate/pray to the east, practice yoga towards the east and lastly, lay the crown of my head towards the east when sleeping at night.

As the earth turns and I am directing my energy towards the east, I feel more ONE with nature. I feel my energy flowing more smoothly.

In the past, I can recall when I was facing the West, how disturbed my energy felt after a nights sleep or even after a good yoga practice. Although I was aiming for a peaceful feeling, it seemed that as I look back, the direction played a big part in my practice.

And so it continues to do so as I have turned my head more to the east…..

I just recently discovered how in many spiritual paths, the seeker prays/meditates towards the east. This is true in the majority of The World’s Religions and seems to be very truthful. As I experience this myself, I will continue to share with you my experiences. Below is a link to why different religions pray to the east.

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