Great tasting Quinoa!

Being an independent female with a tight budget, a busy lifestyle and a choice to live a healthy life; I find it very convenient to grocery shop at TRADER JOE’S. I love their foods and I especially appreciate the prices. If you’re looking for something different to eat and dare to try something new, Quinoa is a good choice! Trader Joe’s Quinoa Duo is filled with lots of yummy veggies that are sure to please your taste buds! I especially love adding dried cranberries to this delightful dish as it adds a nice subtle sweetness. This quinoa is easy to prepare! First, locate it at Trader Joe’s in frozen section (usually near pasta’s) and then follow these easy steps! oHH! and if you want to you can locate the butternut squash soup as a side.

Enjoy this fast, tasty meal for a great price!

Saucepan: 6 to 7 minutes

 1.) Warm a saucepan on high heat

2.) Pour the content of the bag and add a couple of tablespoons of water.

3.) Stir, cover, and reduce to medium heat

4.) Cook for 5-6 minutes stirring regularly (reduce cooking time for half bag)

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