Attitude is Gratitude. This is a well known expression among many people who express their thankfulness for the things they have in life. I thought I would write about this subject as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday.

As we all gather around and feast, let us remember to give thanks for all of the things that we are grateful for. It is one’s gratefulness for things/people/places that brings more things/people/places to be grateful for.

Being grateful is such a blissful feeling. Everytime I am grateful for something/someone, I try and either thank that person individually or write a gratitude list. Just saying the word’s THANK YOU or I AM GRATEFUL fill me with light and abundance.

We should also remember to celebrate THANKSGIVING on a daily basis. It may only be one time per year that we gather with are closest family and friends to give thanks, but if we remember on a daily basis to give thanks for the things/people/places in are life, then we can celebrate this holiday year round.

Take a moment to write down all the things/people/places that you are grateful for. After writing down your gratefulness, read it aloud or silently and notice how it makes you feel.  I gurantee that you will feel sooo enlightened afterwards…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyday : )

With Love,

Mary breath

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