Artist Of Life

Every morning I awaken to a canvas, a set of paintbrushes and a variety of different colors. This art piece is literally my life. I am the Michaelangelo of my life, just as you are too.

Life in the human body is an adventure unlike any known creature of the Universe. We are unique spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe we were given this body as a way to explore the different forms of energy that we are a part of in the entire Solar System. We are the divine beings who shall be destined to be the true lovers of the universe.

You may wonder where I am coming from or you may not.  I am genuinely here to express myself in a way that may force you to change, but together in a way that is ONE. So start with yourself and be the designer, the fine artist, the priest, the shaman, the medicine woman, the witch, the hero or the farmer. Whatever your choice, CREATE the life that you were destined to live. Become the dragon’s head and let go with your tail.

I believe we are all artist of life and that we are here to help color the picture of the heavens, the earth or all that we are made of. Again, Please believe what you want to believe. Just remember to be creative.

Don’t let your creativity sit untouched in your soul. Think of the famous children’s song: ROW ROW ROW YOUR BOAT, GENTLY DON THE STREAM. MERRILY MERRRILY MERRILY MERRR…LIFE IS BUT A DREAM.

goodnight, sleep well and DREAM BIG : )

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