Great tasting Quinoa!

Being an independent female with a tight budget, a busy lifestyle and a choice to live a healthy life; I find it very convenient to grocery shop at TRADER JOE’S. I love their foods and I especially appreciate the prices. If you’re looking for something different to eat and dare to try something new, Quinoa is a good choice! Trader Joe’s Quinoa Duo is filled with lots of yummy veggies that are sure to please your taste buds! I especially love adding dried cranberries to this delightful dish as it adds a nice subtle sweetness. This quinoa is easy to prepare! First, locate it at Trader Joe’s in frozen section (usually near pasta’s) and then follow these easy steps! oHH! and if you want to you can locate the butternut squash soup as a side.

Enjoy this fast, tasty meal for a great price!

Saucepan: 6 to 7 minutes

 1.) Warm a saucepan on high heat

2.) Pour the content of the bag and add a couple of tablespoons of water.

3.) Stir, cover, and reduce to medium heat

4.) Cook for 5-6 minutes stirring regularly (reduce cooking time for half bag)

Good Morning Sun…

Good Morning Sun….

One of  the best times of day to meditate is early in the morning. As the sun rises so does my breath! As I awaken from a peaceful slumber, I sit up and turn my face towards the east. It is said that this is also a very good direction to meditate/pray. From my own experience, I feel more balanced when I meditate/pray to the east, practice yoga towards the east and lastly, lay the crown of my head towards the east when sleeping at night.

As the earth turns and I am directing my energy towards the east, I feel more ONE with nature. I feel my energy flowing more smoothly.

In the past, I can recall when I was facing the West, how disturbed my energy felt after a nights sleep or even after a good yoga practice. Although I was aiming for a peaceful feeling, it seemed that as I look back, the direction played a big part in my practice.

And so it continues to do so as I have turned my head more to the east…..

I just recently discovered how in many spiritual paths, the seeker prays/meditates towards the east. This is true in the majority of The World’s Religions and seems to be very truthful. As I experience this myself, I will continue to share with you my experiences. Below is a link to why different religions pray to the east.


Welcome to my blog! Thank you for stopping by! Scroll down and read my latest thoughts, words and wisdom. Also please take a look at the pages and other happenings in my life! I wish to make this a place where I can share my wisdom, ask for guidance and connect with the World all in one place.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.




I want to share with you this picture I made a couple years ago. I call it my INNER SHAMAN.

I feel that each of us has an inner shaman who exists within them. I feel that each of us has the ability to create magic within are own indivdual soul, which then helps to heal others. I believe if you play your drum at your own beat, then you are in tune with the natural rhythm of your souls divine purpose.

I strive to balance and release.

I am a spiritual being living a human experience…..

Subtle Yoga

I am so excited! I just registered the other day for a 250hr teacher training with Kaaoverii from Subtle Yoga. I have a handful trainings, but never <for some odd reason> sought out my 200hrs. After months of manifesting, the opportunity arised as I began researching and putting it out there. I had thought months back that I would register with Dolly Staarvos, but then backed down from fear of funds. Then I looked into several others and the same fear came through me.

I am grateful that the Universe, God, my highest source came through and attracted this into my life. The law of attraction has been manifesting itself in so many ways that it put it into the correct spiritual order.

I am so looking forward to this opportunity! I look forward to learning new techniques, new dynamics and especially working with a new teacher. check it out! 

I hope to work with students on a therapeutic level and share my wisdom, passion and compassion with others. More importantly, I wish to connect through the Heart Chakra ❤



Stay Connected

It’s been awhile since my last blog post. I have decided that it is important to share some of the things that I want you to know about. So I am commiting myself to this blog.

I want to focus on reaching out to the world, expressing my soul and sharing with you all that I that I feel is worthwhile.

I focus on a lot of things in life such as yoga, angels, Ascended Masters, Life, Non Toxic Skin Care, my latest design ideas…etc….

stay connected  🙂

much love!