I don’t own a tv

Whenever anyone comes over to my apartment for the first time, the first thing  that they notice is I don’t own a tv. They usually look around a bit and then suddenly ask if I own a tv. After hearing that I don’t, I get several different responses. Most people who know me ask how I do it and question my decision, while others give me props for not wanting one.

I haven’t owned a tv in over 7 years. It’s not to say I haven’t lived in places where they exist, but I just don’t choose to watch it. As a child I watched plenty of television and had pretty liberal parents when it came to what they let my siblings and I watch. I grew up with the childhood dream of wanting to be an actress. I once had a dream that I was on the episode “Full House.” I was obsessed with sitcom’s, 90210 and even the very first reality show “Real World.” Through time, I grew away from the obsession and soon after I found my television was off more than it was on. I find that without a tv, I am less apt to laziness and more interested in the outdoors. Whenever I am around kids, I try and educate them that the outdoors is my favorite episode of any sitcom out there. I don’t try and force them to not watch tv, I just simply educate them.

As the rise in Social Media continues, I find myself on a computer more than I could ever imagine being in front of a tv. I get on my itouch for internet, facebook and free app’s anywhere, anytime. I have my cell phone next to me all the time and check my facebook like a fanatic. So, as you see, I am not completley screen free! However, I do get to choose what I want to view and can basically make up my own channels by selecting the browsers that I find most interesting. For one thing, I can’t sit still long enough and another, I get overwhelmed by half the stuff I see on tv, that it’s best I don’t watch it.

I sat in a pub one night about two years ago and as my friend watched various sports games on the flat screen tv’s, I found myself watching an episode of Nancy Grace. It was an episode about The Caylee Anthony case, which for one is the sickest, saddest story I have ever heard. As I sat there and watched this crap, I grew really obsessed with wanting to figure it all out. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. I started googling about it, asking my friends about it and just getting way to into wanting to figure it all out. It got so bad that it was making me depressed. I had to stop. Thank goodness I didn’t have a tv to watch and follow that crap on! ugggh! So within less than a year, I stopped obsessing about it. I knew it was horrific, negative and would only draw negativity into my life if I were to continue watching the news about things that are so depressing. This was and is an obvious reason as to why 1.) I choose not to watch tv 2.) I don’t need to watch the news 3.) I don’t need to know about the bullshttt in the world.

So how do I get my news? Believe me, I know what I need to know and the rest I could give a rats a$$ about……

7 thoughts on “I don’t own a tv

  1. Kudos to you! I have though about not having a tv but I’m much to close to it because just the thought of removing it is freaking me out. But I know if I didn’t have it I would probably be more productive and read a great deal more.

    Hmm, still considering it but thanks for getting my mind thinking.

  2. Whenever I find myself sitting in front of the TV wasting my time watching something I don’t even care about watching I always think about you and how much I could be getting done…

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