The voyage begins with the tinniest lickings of a new beginning.

Tangerine monkeys diving through the rainforest making there way through the relished earth rallys of dreams ranting at the edges of death. Music fishing through the crowd as we hush and cry and laugh like penguins oozing their way through the plucks of magic in this shudder of drink. I come close to the bridge and smile with laughter as I return to the emerald sky to wrestle with amazement at the rhapsody of the doves cry and as I exist in this body I let go of last years garbage and open with the dawn of a new day and applaud at the amazement of how natural this state is and to conceal this moment and let go as I seek to find that I am shining with the animals as they cry out and breathe the fresh open autumn air and the wheels spinning with forgiveness as I send my holy love to the boy I cried so deeply for and I twist and rush through this sacred place but it is all infinite so I glisten and breathe and find that my breath is fresh with prana and the erotic unknown captures this love, this sorrow, this forgiveness and the voyage begins with the tinniest lickings of a new beginning but what a sour past that I must listen to and circus through the seaswept clover of a wooden boat and winter greets us with the conscious unfolding of a new cycle that I dare not struggle with as I unwind into spring and summer and find that the body has been nutured and I urge to not fear the wrong number as I purr and stretch and open my arms. I rock this new life and asleep I see that dreams are real and the gypsies cling to their children and weep through the cities asking and begging and their hands reach out and cling tight to my aura and ashamed I shall not feel ashamed for I am not crazy and with peace and healing I learn to love this beautiful life. This fragile self does not weaken, but strengthens and rises with bliss as the dawn of a new realization manifests and pulsates through through my heart. The rush feels so high and the blue boat floats through the lake without an anchor. It sails along the sea of consciousness while sharing drips of rain and revealing new places inthe imagination. Creatures of light lay asleep near the sun and moon. They soon awaken to this new planetary galactic age that I imagine to be like Venus. The new earth re-births itself with love and beauty as our hearts open to the music of the stars….

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