The LOVEdiet

I am on a new diet. It’s the LOVEdiet.

I was inspired to write this post after learning about The Loveataian Diet, which was orginally created by Gabrielle Bernstein the best selling author of “ADD MORE ~ing to your life: A Hip Guide To Happiness.” I was inspired by her motivation to change fearful thoughts into more loving thoughts lead by the voice of the ~ing, which translates as “inner guide.”

The definition of a loveatarian is someone who commits to thinking with love over fear in all areas.

 Just in case you haven’t heard of this diet, it is the new chocolate! In fact, it’s better than chocolate because it lasts longer and it tastes sweeter. The sweetness is God’s way of nourishing the soul after digesting a milkshake filled with love. This diet contains NO FEAR and LOVE is the only ingredient. This tasty snack exists  inside your soul and by repeating in your mind ‘I choose love over fear, I expect a miracle’ you can vibrate LOVE all around you.

If you need to start with a recipe use these steps below:

1. Wake up in the morning and consciously tell yourself that you want to be happy and positive on this day. You want to be healthy through good thoughts, good food and activity to ignite your passions.

2. Sit up in your bed (or go to your meditation room). Start by noticing your breath and begin counting on each inhale and exhale. When your breath is settled, breathe in LOVE and breathe out FEAR.

3. Do this for at least 5 min

4. When you are finished bow to yourself with gratitude

5. Begin your day. <<At the end of the day set an intention to do this practice by choosing gratitude for the day. Remember to repeat steps 2, 3 & 4>>

It is important to remember this practice throughout the day. Everytime your ego starts playing tricks on you remember to out your ego and choose LOVE OVER FEAR. You should always expect a miracle! If you need to take a few moments to sit, do so and breathe in LOVE breathe out FEAR.

If you struggle with this diet at first, just remember it is only your body’s way of releasing old toxic ego thoughts by transforming and transmuting them into LOVE. Sitting in the heart center and listening to your inner guide and breathing is the best side meal you can have in maintaining this diet. You will notice a huge increase in your vibrational level and you will be able to tune in easier to the violet colors that naturally surround you.

Surrender to LOVE! Expect MIRACLES!


<this loveatarian diet was inspired by loveatarian, life coach, motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein. For more info:   >

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2 thoughts on “The LOVEdiet

  1. Wow! This is such an amazing post! I will link in my blog to this one, because it is what really nourishes our heart and soul – love.
    Thank you for that uplifting and wonderful post!

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