5 Wellness Tips For Living In Balance!

Today I was at my weekly chiropractor/acupuncture appointment and I had a quick conversation with him about staying well and balanced. I am definitely one to continuously focus on wellness and health, but I still have a lot to learn. In fact, I just recently discovered that I don’t eat enough of the right green veggies and have been really focused this month on juicing (will save that topic for another post, so check back!) Anyway, my chiropractor/acupuncturist has seriously hooked me up in the past 6 months by helping me regain the strength in my lower back that is believed to have manifested from trauma. Every week I feel like I leave his office with a greater understanding of wellness. Today was one of those days that he shared a new insight with me. After leaving, I knew that the 5 tips he gave me were fairly obvious to how I live my life, but it was good to hear it from a professional standpoint, which I could then share it with my friends and family.

 5 Wellness Tips For Living In Balance

If one of these things is missing in your life, then chances are you are a bit crooked somewhere.

1. Balance your chi. Ways to do this can either be through yoga, tai chi or other eastern based exercises.

2. Eat Well. Remember! You’re what you eat. How you feel is determined by what you put into  what my new favorite author Kris Carr calls your ‘GOD POD!’ If you eat crap, then chances are you feel like crap. Hydration fits in here too. Water is important! 8 glasses a day is the ideal!

3. Maintenance through massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, reflexology etc…This is important to me because it helps me remain balanced in my structure so that I can be stronger in my yoga and other fitness outlets. It helps keep the  ‘GOD POD’ in the right gear and can help heal or prevent any tension one might be holding. Basically, it’s just a good solid way to release!

4. Exercise. Yes, this is the same as yoga, but other forms of exercise such as walking, jumping, hiking etc.. help to keep your bones strong as well as free your mind up from any junkie thoughts that you may be holding or carrying around. Dr Oz says that 20 minutes of walking per day is the best thing you can do for your body. If you don’t have 20 minutes to do this then there is a serious problem! (you can stop stalking on facebook for that amount of time, he he!)

5. Rest. Sleep and meditation both fit into this category. Both of these are important for obvious reasons. 8 hrs of sleep per night is seriously the minimum that I can take. If I have less, well then I begin to feel a bit off kilter and can’t hold it together the way that I could if I had more. Meditation is important because it releases the junk that is stored in your mind. Here is my opinion “Meditation is like taking out the trash. You’ve got to get rid of the garbage or your space starts to stink!” All it takes is 5 min. Ideally, you want to sit on a cushion, but it you need to do it other ways it’s all good because no matter what the universe will still have your back!

I hope you will contemplate the benefits of the 5 important wellness tips that I just gave you on how to live a balanced life!

Big thanks to to my amazing chiropractor/acupuncturist Dr Doyle!

One thought on “5 Wellness Tips For Living In Balance!

  1. Thanks hon! Think I saw you walking the other day as I took my child to school. Maybe we can get together and walk for 20/ meditate for 5. Take care!

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