Honeysuckle Romance

Honeysuckle Flower is like a romance.

Its sweetness is so powerful. It’s the ultimate love affair for both taste and fragrance.

It’s a yummy treat to eat while walking through the wild.

A treat that has benefits to gain.

Note: This post is not meant to cure or fix. This post is meant to be looked at as an inspiration to heal with nature. This post is meant to create awareness with plant medicine.

This delicious flower helps to treat several conditions. Alternative Medicine doctors use honeysuckle to treat  conditions associated with Lung, Stomach and Large Intestine Meridians. It is used to clear heat and remove toxins. For general purposes, honeysuckle flower has been used to treat conditions, which range from fevers, ulcers, inflammation and sore throats to skin infections.

It is also used (along with coptis and pulsatilla) to treat diarrhea caused by toxic heat.

 Honeysuckle flower may be applied internally or externally.

You are probably asking yourself  ‘how much should I take?”

The typical dose of honeysuckle flower is between 6 and 15 grams, decocted for oral administration, depending on the condition being treated. Larger doses can be used when the herb is applied to the skin.

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