Mandala Power


With my highest chakra, at the crown of my head, I can perceive a white golden light flowing into me, connecting me to the cosmic stream of energy.

Here, my very own being, “the being in the world,” is joined to universal being.

In this place of power I am at one with “all that is.”

Mandala Power!

I am very excited for my yoga kids summer camp to start tommorow Monday June 6th.

Part of my curriculumn is going to be based on mandala’s! I have 4 mandala coloring exercises that I am going to give them. I plan to introduce it by starting with basic mandala’s with images of a cow and the other with airplanes. As the month progresses I will ease them into more meditative and spiritually enhanced exercises. These exercises will help teach them a concentrative way of  meditation while being creative at the same time.

 A mandala ritual can be a very empowering experience for a child. The first step in working with children is making it easy for them to express themselves. Children are blessed with wonderful imaginations, but are often held back by fears of criticism. One of the most important things you can instill in a child is a positive self-image.


For more information visit Remedies OR  go to good ole’ wikipedia

The above drawing is my own coloring skills, but not my drawing.

The quote was taken from my mandala coloring book.

3 thoughts on “Mandala Power

  1. This sounds amazing! I am planning a summer camp with mandala activities/curriculum. Can you share any more ideas?

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