A Love Letter To The Universe


Dearest Universe,

I am writing you to say Thank You for all that you provide. You are the most generous energy known. You are always willing to give your species everything they need. I am grateful to know you. I am grateful to be a part of you and everything that circles us. You are cosmic, radiant and filled with so much mystery. I worship this connection that we share. You are romantic, divine and your sweetness fills my heart. I am obviously in love with you.

I am also writing you to tell you about the joy I experienced today. It was like white wine, but sweeter and more pure. Who needs wine when one can drink the source of all life?

Today was such a blessing. The sunshine, the blue sky, the music, the children, the water, the food and the yoga all filled my heart. I witnessed your voice through meditation and listened to the chords of divine prophecy whisper through my eardrums. I experienced a state of bliss as I watched children play, dance, meditate and enjoy the essence of relaxation. I also swam in your water and felt the joy of being alive and healthy. Lastly, I ate the fresh green fruits and vegetables that you provide.  You nourished me in every way possible. You kissed me and gave me all the love a girl could ask for.

Once again, Thank You for wrapping me in your arms and loving me, not just today, but everyday!

with love,




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