let go and break the code

Moment of gratitude and peace as I connect to the sounds of music guru Jerry Garcia.

Jerry helped birth the funk of getting down and rocking out!

His sounds help the flow of  inner ecstasy.

The young came together and helped the world to become conscious of the need to

“break the code.”


think about it….

Backwards living makes no sense when all that exists is love

I am just like you.

Oh Wait, where does Jerry come into this?


His music allows me to let go and live freely through my heart.

The back and front of the heart

shines when choosing

love over fear.

Intuition knows where to take you.

Listen to it!

It’s the most awakened part of you

so Hug it!

Listen to the inner voice of love.

Love becomes beauty then

Beauty becomes something of

your wildest dreams!

Bring what is inside

into manifestation.

Let it shine bright!

Out your ego

Out your fear!

Those two are

one and the same.

let it go and break the code!

When we come together to practice this

we come together to understand

one another.

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