How social media can help get you out of your own recession

I am not an expert on economics and I am certainly not an expert in politics. However, I am a social media junkie and I have discovered the many benefits it has had on my life during times of financial difficulty.
In the fall of 2008 when the shit hit the fan and the economy went into a major recession, I was back in school obtaining my second degree. At that time, I felt that I was not affected by the economy and I never flinched over whether I would find a job or earn a sustainable income. Instead, I choose to be positive and look ahead with faith.
During this same period of time, Facebook was increasing its members and more and more people were connecting and re-connecting through this social network. Not only was my network increasing through re-connecting with old camp, high school and college friends, but my network of new connections was increasing rapidly. I was fairly new to Charlotte at the time and social media was a great way for me to make these new connections. One connection would open a door, which would then open a room full of opportunities. Eventually, with just a few added connections and a few clicks, I was connected to a whole world that existed on the internet.
I have found that through social media, I can make connections that lead me to different career opportunities. I am not the most aggressive individual, which can be difficult when it comes to walking into a potential employers work space and dropping off my resume. I find it frustrating to email resumes without a contact number. To me, this just adds to more waiting and doubt. However, social media does the opposite for me. If I can network with a person on Facebook that is connected to an opportunity that I may want, then it’s easier for me to get the ball rolling by connecting with them faster.
To be honest with you, I currently have 3 jobs and 2 out of 3 of them have manifested through social networking. Whether it be Facebook, Craigslist or Twitter, I have found my way out of my own recession into a place where I am earning enough money to pay the bills.
I believe in social networks and I believe they are a gateway to leading us into a future where we follow are own individual paths and make our way to a more connected world.

Let me ask you, how has social media changed your career and how you connect with future opportunities?

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