My angels tell me that I now have more angels.

As I sit here and write, I realize Im am writing with both a pen and notebook left by a friend. Random I know. I realize these are tools she left for me because I can help share her legacy. Oh Blessed Vicky…Her spirit shines bright.

I sit in silence and absorb her great spirit.
Heaviness fills my heart as I wait for confirmation about the death of another dear friend. It is most likely true and that hurts. I feel sad and confused.

My angels tell me that I now have more angels. The angels whisper light vibrations as they intiate my friends into their dimension. My heart feels a sense of oneness with the angels messages. I trust their intentions . However, my heart aches.

2 friends in the past year have suddenly passed. They were both female and both 3 months shy of their 35th birthday.

I listen through my heart and soak in their light vibrations.

I am just processing all of this. I am sharing this with you because my angels asked me to.

A sense of her depth

This is a paragraph from the poem A sense of her depth written by Judith Duerk.

A woman in her kitchen, pouring tea slowly into cups standing in a circle on a round tray…slowly…slowly…listening to the sound of the liquid as the cups filled…a slender stream of fragrant steaming tea…knowing that each woman waiting in the next room in a small circle listened, each one, also, as the tea was poured, knowing that quietness of the pouring and the warmth of the cups held between each pair of hands made a difference, was somehow important…knowing that this moment and this way of living out this moment was significant…that it made a difference in the meaning and experiencing of life.

A difference in the experiencing of life…a woman pouring tea, knowing this difference, trusting the knowing, enabled, by her trust, to pour even more slowly…listening to the tranquility flowing liquid…listening…listening…listening…

a woman in her kitchen…


These words hold truth to the beauty of being a woman. I feel that it ends with a message that a woman gathers in her place to nurture intuition through subtle aspects that require tuning in. Perhaps the flowing sounds of pouring tea are natural sound vibrations that tune a woman into the depths of her inner artist? Her inner artist lives so deep that it can transmute itself into the world.

Live Your Truth!

Each Thing Is One Drop From The Boundless River Of Infinite Beauty

Nothing has felt more sacred than practicing restorative yoga for an hour followed by eleven hours of solid rest! Awakening to a brand new day, I felt well-rested and fully alive. I awoke this morning to a gorgeous, clear blue, Carolina sky and I felt energized to go deeper inside and  to enjoy my life through the presence of the creator.

As I sipped my chai tea and gazed out the window, I felt the itch to put my yoga clothes on, gather my mat and head outdoors for some asana and reflection. There is a little woodsy area behind my neighboring building that sits by a creek where water flows, the sun beams down, birds sing and plant life falls from the trees. This is a perfect spot for solitude, yoga and tuning into nature.

I also have this really awesome yoga book called HEART YOGA: The Sacred Marriage of Yoga And Mysticism by Andrew Harvey & Karuna Erickson. This book is “an inspirational and passionate guide recognizing modern-day yogis as mystics on the mat…a timely book affirming that the sacred practice of yoga is a journey of personal illumination…and the inevitable understanding that it is love and action that can transform this planet from one of fear and separation into one united by love, truth, and God.” ~Harvey & Erickson

The reason why I am mentioning this book is because it consists of five mystical practices. The Joy of Transcendence, The Joy of Creation, The Joy of Love for All Beings, The Joy of Tantra and lastly, The Joy of Service. Today my intention was to be outside with nature and to feel the joy of creation. I followed The Joy of Creation sequence with the intention to connect with all living things while feeling the essence of the practice within my mind, body and soul.

What an amazing journey! My soul whispered to me feelings of joy as I contorted into each asana. The beauty of creation reflected back to me as I stood tall in tree pose while gazing down at the root of a tree. Plant life fell on my shoulders, bugs crawled up my arms and legs as prana moved smoothly and freely through my whole being. Pushing back into downward dog, I could hear a dog barking in a yard nearby and as I stood in eagle pose, I could hear birds singing. This practice felt like a poetic dance in Gods Kingdom.

Rumi wrote, “Adore and love the Beloved, with your whole being, and the Beloved will reveal to you that each thing in the universe is a vessel full to the brim with wisdom and beauty. The Beloved will show you that each thing is one drop from the boundless river of infinite beauty.”

As I laid in corpse pose, I could feel the ground beneath me as it supported me with each breath. My belly rose on the inhale and fell on the exhale. My soul whispered poetic verses from my own ancient places that exist within my being.

I bow to the divine in all of creation and thank each living soul for being a part of this sacred journey.


Do you want to practice this sequence? Here it is:

Yoga Practice Sequence to Celebrate the Joy of Creation

* Child’s Pose

* Cat/Cow Pose

* Downward-facing Dog Pose

* Mountain Pose

* Tree Pose

* Triangle Pose

* Standing Forward Bend

* Eagle Pose

* Sun Salutations

* Squatting Pose

* Sphinx Pose

* Cobra Pose

* Downward-facing Dog Pose

* Cross-legged Sitting

* Corpse Pose

Stop Landfills



I was walking through the park on Sunday and went far into the trees. It was so nice being there away from the winds. The further I walked, the closer I got to areas that are being affected by landfills. It is something so disgusting that it ticks me off everytime I see it. The site of old plastic containers in no way replaces ancient artifacts that our old ancestors discovered. There is no way our children and grandchildren are going to pleased by this site. In fact, weather patterns create such heavy storms that soil breaks and these not so cool, but fairly old artifacts start to creep up from the ground. I find it gross and disturbing.
What can we do?
Well……KEEP RECYCLING!!!!!!!!!

Heart Shaped Yoga pose


These are a few of my students making the shape of a heart through yoga and movement. They had so much fun doing this!

We did this pose as part of our Valentines day class. The kids loved partnering up and creating the shape of a heart. They each looked so graceful doing it. Other favorite valentines activities were making a lotus mudra or heart shaped mudra while standing in tree pose. Lastly, we drew valentine pictures for the moms and dads. Some kids drew me a picture and others drew pictures for friends. Most importantly they had fun and enjoyed being creative through movement, form and picture.