A sense of her depth

This is a paragraph from the poem A sense of her depth written by Judith Duerk.

A woman in her kitchen, pouring tea slowly into cups standing in a circle on a round tray…slowly…slowly…listening to the sound of the liquid as the cups filled…a slender stream of fragrant steaming tea…knowing that each woman waiting in the next room in a small circle listened, each one, also, as the tea was poured, knowing that quietness of the pouring and the warmth of the cups held between each pair of hands made a difference, was somehow important…knowing that this moment and this way of living out this moment was significant…that it made a difference in the meaning and experiencing of life.

A difference in the experiencing of life…a woman pouring tea, knowing this difference, trusting the knowing, enabled, by her trust, to pour even more slowly…listening to the tranquility flowing liquid…listening…listening…listening…

a woman in her kitchen…


These words hold truth to the beauty of being a woman. I feel that it ends with a message that a woman gathers in her place to nurture intuition through subtle aspects that require tuning in. Perhaps the flowing sounds of pouring tea are natural sound vibrations that tune a woman into the depths of her inner artist? Her inner artist lives so deep that it can transmute itself into the world.

Live Your Truth!

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