My angels tell me that I now have more angels.

As I sit here and write, I realize Im am writing with both a pen and notebook left by a friend. Random I know. I realize these are tools she left for me because I can help share her legacy. Oh Blessed Vicky…Her spirit shines bright.

I sit in silence and absorb her great spirit.
Heaviness fills my heart as I wait for confirmation about the death of another dear friend. It is most likely true and that hurts. I feel sad and confused.

My angels tell me that I now have more angels. The angels whisper light vibrations as they intiate my friends into their dimension. My heart feels a sense of oneness with the angels messages. I trust their intentions . However, my heart aches.

2 friends in the past year have suddenly passed. They were both female and both 3 months shy of their 35th birthday.

I listen through my heart and soak in their light vibrations.

I am just processing all of this. I am sharing this with you because my angels asked me to.

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