Mindfulness & Crayons

There are so many ways to connect with your inner child! One of my favorites is crayons. Crayons for mindfulness. Coloring is a mindfulness exercise. It’s a free expression of mind/creativity connection. It’s about being mindful and creative at the same time.  Crayons can also be used in other activities.
I love getting a few crayons and a paper plate to play a fun yoga game! Look below and read the following steps on how to have fun with your feet using crayons! This is fun to do with the kids, in a kids yoga class or just someplace where you can express your inner child.


4-5 Crayons, paper plate, one of your feet and your creative mind.

-Lay the crayons out on a mat and stretch your legs out in front of you.
-Start stretching, touching and massaging your toes. Feel them as you would your hands.
-Once your toes are stretched and warm up, start using your feet and toes to pick up the crayons.
-Place the crayons on the plate.
-Use the plate as a goal. Once the crayons are on the plate, reverse by now using your feet and toes to pick the crayons up.
-Try this a few rounds and connect your creative mind with your toes.
-Now take the crayons and draw a picture on the plate using your toes!
-Stay present and be mindful of your toes, but stay connected to your creative mind and spirit.

Have fun and let your inner child shine through!!

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