Hot/Cold Fun Yoga Game!

I remember playing the game hot/cold as a child. My dad would hide my toy somewhere so that I could find it. When I was far away he would say ‘cold’ and the closer I came to the toy, he’d say ‘warm.’ Once I got right near it, he would say ‘YOU’RE ON FIRE!.’ The mysteriousness of the objects hiding place would have me looking while also being encouraged by my fathers voice. I also remember playing this game with teachers and friends as we would hide various objects.

I have found that this game is a good way to get kids to interact with one another while encouraging the other to find the hidden object.

To me it is related to yoga. How? In yoga we find ourselves. It’s not necessarily an easy or fast process. We often go to cold or hot places that leave us wondering where to turn next. Where to go to find the truth. Just like in the hot/cold game, we are encouraged by are family, teachers and friends on the place that is best for us.

So where does kids yoga come in?

*Take yoga pose cards and use one at a time as a hot/cold object.
* One child leaves the room while the teacher hides the yoga card under a mat.
* The child re-enters the room to find the yoga pose. The other kids in the class encourage the child to find the pose by using ‘hot and cold’ as signals of where it is. Kids may use terms like ‘you’re in the arctic!’ to ‘you’re on fire!’
* Once the child finds the pose, everyone in the group performs the pose.

The teacher can also give the child playing a stamp or sticker after he/she finds the card.
You can find ways to prepare them for the game. Mindfulness exercises and breathing techniques like volcano or sigh breath help calm them while also preparing them to concentrate. Kids love interaction and they love encouragement. They love being challenged where they can be rewarded. If you are in a class situation where you need an assistant, you can ask a parent to volunteer by sitting outside the class and distracting the child from going back into the room.
Whatever you do have fun and do yoga! Kids love to play and believe me, kids enjoy acting like a dog or a cat!

Om Shanti….

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