Offering Cookies…

Tonight in my kids yoga class I started them out in circle time and asked them to complete the sentence ‘I feel…’

As I went around the circle, I allowed each child a chance to hold ‘Guppy the finger puppet.’ They completed the sentence with answers like ‘I feel loved’ to ‘I feel happy.’ One child said ‘I feel sad…’
From a place of compassion and concern, I asked ‘why?’
She said ‘ My grandpa is in the hospital.’
In that moment, I remembered my phone conversation from earlier in the day. My mom had called to tell me that my 2 1/2 yr old nephew was in the hospital for an intense case of strep throat. I couldn’t help but mention my sorrow for both my students grandfather and my little nephew.
The class showed compassion too and in this moment we gathered in our circle with palms at the heart and dedicated the sound ‘OM’ to our sick friends and family. We opened our palms and offered peace. We took our offerings and placed them in the center of our circle. The children expressed offerings such as ‘cookies’ to ‘all things that are good for them.’

The power of compassion, love and prayer was shown in this circle. Children truly know how to channel deep spiritual love from the bottom of their BIG hearts. The power of Love and Compassion are easy places for them to access.


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