The aroma of venus


Wow! It’s been such a big week in the uni~verse. First the full moon and the eclipse, then venus on the sun. It’s werewerewere kinda time ya all! Our hearts are ready to love more and feel free from the old. We are ready to forget the past and step forward into the now zone. In fact, as I write this blog I am listening to Yo mama’s big fat booty band and my heart and booty wanna shake. My heart chakra at its finest, lol.
Ok, so seriously, the universe is vibing love and peace. Last week I was camping at pisgah national forest under the moonlight. The moon was close to full and lit up the camp site. I knew the universe was reaching me when angelic whispers mummered ‘Lord hear me’ as I would lay asleep under the BIG sky. Ripples of water made good background music as the campsite sat along the upper davidson river. Nature is magnificent, especially when healing is involved.
The universe has been healing us all this week. The venus transit this week connected each of us in our own way to our inner goddess. Your inner goddess and my inner goddess helped create the universal goddess of love. Whatever your religion is you may worship a goddess. Lakshmi is the goddess of love and beauty. She represents all aspects of that in nature. She is adorned with abundance and love. Where this last week did you feel her presence? Where did she heal you with her love? I know in my heart that you felt it somewhere.
I felt it in many places. Dreams were vivid and meaningful. Gold is symbolic of Lakshmi. I dreamt of Gold the night of the venus transit. The meaning was personal and symbolic.
It is the moments that I spend in nature that show me the whole picture of being alive. I bathed in the river, swam, hiked to large waterfalls, sat by the fire and more. Nature in itself is gold. It is also the groundedness that I love and learn from. This perception can be carried in by nature and seen in everyday life. After spending time in nature,aesthetics feel fine tuned and rippled with creativity. The feminine form of nature also follows and women stand tall on a mountain.
When I came home from the mountains, I received an online invitation to a free teleclass on women and menustration lead by best -selling author of ‘The Way of The Happy Woman.’ Sara Avant Stover created this class as a way to share and connect with other goddesses. This class allowed women to empower themselves and receive ancient wisdom on the subject. We learned Sara’s personal story and she shared tips for PMS and the Moontime Cycle.
There has been to much taboo with women and their cycle. Women are often stereotyped as bitchy without any respect for the fact that this is related to the moon and its cycles. A womens cycle or ‘moontime’ is sacred and cleansing, which is why we should create our own Red Tents.
Another nature and goddess related encounter I had was observing a prenatal class. Although I observed a number of classes in prenatal yoga, this one tonight was special. It was special because the goddess was alive and pregnant with love. The babies and their mamas connecting through each breath and pose. Each belly filled with a miracle. Miracles are born out of love.
The aroma of love exists all of the time. Not just every 100 plus years when venus crosses the sun for four hours and geometrically creates a 5 pointed star.

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