Once upon a crystal….

    Once upon a time, a princess lost her magical jewel that allowed her to create magical spells. There was a cake factory and the cake factory made hundreds of cakes. Then one day there was a man playing a violin. He was a really good violin player.
And the Princess was whispering something to her piggy…
    Suddenly, the chicken cracked his eggs and then one day he went away and played hide and seek in the garden. He got lost and couldn’t find his way out.
    There were kids who could make magical dresses on the moon. One day the princess asked them to make her a blue dress. The tailors said no.
    The next day she found the cage and she tried to catch a bird and keep it as her pet. She also picked flowers with a smile.
    When she came home her grandma and grandpa chickens were sleeping.
    Later, she asked for another magical dress and the tailors said yes. They gave her a  free crown and when she tried it on, it fit perfectly. She also received an invitation to the fanciest ‘Royal Ball’ where she wore her ‘Seems’ dress. As she danced at the ball she found her magical crystal in her pocket.

*This story was created at Kids Night Out at Charlotte Family Yoga on July 21, 2012. The kids each picked a story card and we went around on our magic carpet and each created a part of the story. Each child used their imaginative skills to help create this sweet story. Thank You Diane Cevallos for creating the space for this and especially thank you to my dear yogini’s Sarah Margaret, Isabel, Faith, Sydney and Rylee for your sweet imaginations filled with so much indigo power.
Peace and Gratitude, Mary Beth Bender