Why I love yoga

I love yoga (obviously) and one thing that I especially appreciate about it is that many yoga poses are named after animals.

There’s the eagle, peacock, tailfeather, frog, cobra. Each one inherently provocative in its own way. The form and energy of the poses metaphorically represent a deep sense of our connection with nature. Bridge pose allows us to ‘build a bridge with our backs so to carry us through lifes transitions and rise to the challenges with strength and support. We find balance in tree pose as we ’embrace our inner poise despite the winds of change that threaten to bend or break us. Sun Salutations are there for us to greet the day and honor the healing rays of the sun. We embrace the outer light and allow it to radiate within. We go upside down in headstand and literally see life in a new perspective. We learn to find balance as we embrace the unknown. We learn to take risks and to be playful and explorative just like when we were kids.
These are the very reasons I love yoga so much.

*this was inspired by ‘Yoga Poems: Lines To Unfold By’ written by Leza Lowitz