Halloween Yoga

Halloween yoga is one of my favorite yoga themes to teach. It is so fitting for children because they can wear their halloween costumes and act out different animals and various other forms.
This year we took on a fun halloween adventure. It was taken

from a theme I found last year by ‘Child Light Yoga’. It’s brilliant. I enjoy using it in my classes around Halloween. I highly suggest you trying this too.
This class was not ‘scary’ but it was very exciting and a bit mysterious.
It went like this….
We sat in circle and talked about what each kid is dressed as for halloween. Some kids wore their costumes and others didn’t. The kids who dressed up were wearing costumes such as a Cupcake, batman, a zombie, a feisty cat and other really great costumes.
Next we extended our breath by making a ‘Booooooooo’ sound. This BOO BREATH was done by standing tall in mountain as we let out air with the ‘boo’ sound. We did this 3 times.
After booing, we warmed up our bodies to a halloween themed SHAKE FREEZE song. You can do this while having the kids pretend to get dressed in their costumes while shaking and then calling out freeze.
From here we pretended to head outside to salute to the FULL MOON. We did a half sun salute and then waved to the moon in Half moon pose. This was so appropriate for this years halloween considering it falls near a full moon.
As we walked around our imaginary neighborhood and stopped at each house to ‘trick or treat’ we sang the WALKING, WALKING SONG. Walking, walking, walking, walking-Hop Hop Hop-Hop Hop Hop-Running Running Running Running Running Running-Now let’s stop. We repeated this song a few times and each time we stopped we would ‘trick or treat.’ I handed out healthy snacks and told them they had to wait until the party to eat the snacks.
After ‘trick or treat’ we stopped to look at the STARS and TREES. We came into star pose and tree pose.
What is up in that tree? A BLACK CAT: Cat/Cow….hissss….meow!
As we kept walking we came to a BRIDGE-let’s cross (bridge pose)
On the other side of the bridge we saw 4 scary creatures:
A LION (Lions breath)
A SPIDER (Come up on tips of fingers and watch your spiders crawl)
And finally we see a GHOST– repeat BOO BREATH
As we all laughed and carried on, we began to notice that we were gathered with friends and each friend has their own unique costume. It’s another way to teach kids of the unique differences between one another.
When friends enjoy each others company, then parties happen and excitement rises.
We took a CANOE across the river to the party! (Boat pose). (Some kids sang row row row your boat while paddling)
Once we arrived, we came to an old creaky GATE (kneeling side bend). We opened the gate and each let out a squeeky sound. image

As we walked through the dark yard we saw small trees. (kids come into tree by lowering down on the ground). We also saw a pumpkin patch and children came into PUMPKIN (ball roll).
Once we arrived at the party we started BOBBING FOR APPLES (downward dog to updog and repeat a few times).
By now the kids were waiting to eat their snacks. Before we ate we played YOGI SAYS as a way to review the poses then had savasana. Finally, we sat in our circle and ate snacks. Each kid went around and described their pumpkins…

Happy Halloween Yogi’s!

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