Food is medicine (and so is yoga)


I haven’t been feeling 100% in the last few days. I started feeling a little weak after my hour long lunch break this past wednesday. I thought at first that it was a figment of my imagination because I had just read an email from a friend that another friend had a pneumonia. Perhaps it was just the start of my own weakness. It’s odd timing too because this is the first month I didn’t pay my health insurance because I am not working as many hours between my 4 jobs to pay for it.
Anyway, the last two days I have tried everything. I have put dabs of coconut oil in my ears and nose because they felt dry. I have practiced slow flow yoga, restorative yoga, walked in the fresh air as well as sat on my couch for longer periods of time. I even had my maintenance guy come change my air filter. This is not all that I’ve done. I even popped some western over the counter meds because I still believe they can work on occasion. However, what it comes down to is the food that I have eaten, the fresh spring water that I have drank and the yoga that I have practiced. More importantly, the food is what has helped me. Today I have had two freshly made green drinks, oranges, a clove of garlic, an egg and some hot soup. The nutrients in my food have given me the power to start bouncing back and allow me to feel more like myself. I am still glued to my couch (not my idea of fun) but I am feeling the power of my food choices heal me. It’s a fact (google it if you don’t believe me) FOOD IS MEDICINE (and so is yoga).

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