Why I am not down with downward dog…

I love yoga! In fact, I admit that I can be a bit obsessed. It’s a healthy obsession though. As much as I love yoga, I am not down with downward dog. Although I practice this asana often, it frustrates me totally. My arms are contorted in a double-jointed way, which makes downward dog way more challenging.

For the last 15 years I have been totally dedicated to my practice. I practice sun salutations often and feel playful when I flip my dog.

It’s only frustrating when I am holding the pose for more than 3 breaths because the whole time I am in the pose, I am constantly looking to see if my anatomy is correct. Are my arms straight enough, am I giving to much into the pose without gracefully holding it?


Teachers often pick me out of the class and give me adjustments. Some give me tips that leave me feeling more uppity about down dog.

For years, teachers have adjusted my arms and my alignment, but the teacher who guides me the most, is my inner teacher. I am totally trying to teach myself the techniques and tips that will better my alignment.

I almost feel like I want to change my downdog so much as to write this entry.

If there is anyone out there with double-jointed arms who struggles with downward dog, I would love to hear from you!

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