Just My Soul Body: An Eccentric Yoga Practice

I just experienced the trippiest yoga class EVER…and…it took place in my living room studio. It pretty much unfolded the way my soul body wanted it to. There were no rules, or no external sounds guiding me through it. Once again, just my soul body.

It started out very meditative. Very slow and soft. I held my hands in prayer a lot and moved freely with the rhythm of my breath.

As I began to come onto my feet and move through sun salutations, I felt this ecstatic worm moving up through me as it lead me to my pelvis. Standing in mountain, I felt the urge to grab my hula hoop. I began hula hooping on my mat as I would use my strong ujayi breath to guide me. This feeling felt like an expression of my inner child. So happy and free!


After the next sun salutation, I began affirming my belief of being a dancer. I stood with my feet hip width apart, placed my right hand on my heart with my left hand out to the side and swung back and forth. As I swung my arms, I repeated ‘I AM A DANCER!’ I affirmed this with power and passion.

I slowly moved into 2 rounds of dancer pose, repeating each side. My chest expanded as grace poured into the pose.

yoga dance   photo manipulation by Mary Beth Bender

Before you know it, I have Drala playing in the background singing ‘Only Love Will Save Us Now!’ My heart expanded as my body moved gracefully on the mat. I welt up with tears as the words moved my body like the worm who brought me to the hula hoop.

Grounded in my feet and soul, I allowed myself to move onto the ground for a round of floor poses. My breath being the guide and allowing me to softly let go.

Wrapped in a blanket for savasana with a lavender eye pillow draped across my eyes. The feeling of everything including my sinus’ running through my physical body. Laying there on the ground feeling a state of bliss for being alive.

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