The Sorcerer’s Crossing

mary breaths book reviewThe Sorcerer’s Crossing: A Woman’s Journey was written by Taisha Abelar. Her book takes you through a woman’s journey into a reality beyond the boundaries of everyday normal activity.

the sorcerers crossing

Taisha Abelar was taught this initiation into alternative realities by a female member of Don Juan’s group, which he is described as the tutelage of a Yaqui Indian tribe.

Abelar travelled Mexico and became involved with a group of sorcerer’s. She went through a rigorous physical and mental training process, which was designed to enable her to break the limits of ordinary perception.

The Sorcerer’s Crossing details the process that Abelar went through and the responsibilities she faced.

This book is a valuable source of information for a sorcerer and an incredible piece of work for women’s spirituality.

Personally, I have read this book two times and every time I see it on the bookshelf, I think about reading it again. I was left with such an eye-opening perception. A new way of appreciating my own spirituality and the initiations we go through.

‘Fascinating book experience’  ~MB

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