How $15.00 changed my life and opened up a new passion (thanks to my boyfriend)

Six months ago my boyfriend of nearly 5 yrs and I went to the beach for a nice quiet weekend. His family owns a beach house on Wrightsville Beach located right on the sound. It’s such a quiet and peaceful place to go. Lots of fishing, beautiful sandy beach, fun bars to drink at and near one of my favorite yoga studios in the southeast. We were so blessed to have the whole 7 bedroom beach house to are self. Absolutely no distractions.

In the mornings we would wake up and the first thing Will would want to do is hit the dock and throw his fishing rod out into the ocean. He was like a little kid on Christmas, excited for the surprises that would await him and the mystery of what he would catch. He warns me every time we go to Wrightsville, he tells me he needs his time alone to fish. He describes this time in the same manner as I describe my time on the yoga mat. Sacred and meditative. He said to me ‘Hey, here is $15.00, go take a yoga class. This way we can both be in are special place without the distraction of the other.’ That’s all good with me. No problem.

Looking at the Saturday morning schedule, I wasn’t feeling the hot yoga thing (it’s not my style) and there were no unheated classes at that time to choose from. However, there was a ‘Rhythmic Dance’ class at noon, which really caught my interest. Excited and open for something new and different, I got right on it.

I walked in to the class with the feeling of not having been to a dance class in years. I think the last one I went to was in Estes Park, CO with Shiva Rea in her ‘Trance Dance’ class.


(above photo from

I immediately knew I was in the right place at the right time. It felt so right. So perfect. As I danced and flowed through my body and soul, I felt this intense desire to dance more and longer. My soul was awakening to a place that I had abandoned. I was reminded that I have always enjoyed dancing and that this was an art I needed to explore.

Soon after arriving home from a blissful weekend at the beach, I started researching dance trainings. I specifically wanted to find one that was more of a conscious/yoga dance. It wasn’t long after my search that I discovered ‘Let Your Yoga Dance’ and even better, a training in Costa Rica. I started creating vision boards with this on it and visualizing making this a reality. 3 months later, I was dancing on the beach on the pacific ocean overlooking the sunset. My mouth dropped at the sight and feeling of where I was. Wow! $15.00 from my boyfriend really opened up a new passion.

6 months after that beach trip, I have a 100 hour certification in ‘Let Your Yoga Dance’ and I have taught my first dance class (with many more scheduled classes to come). I have attended 5 rhythms workshops with some of the world’s top teachers and have revamped my one bedroom apartment and turned my living room into a yoga/dance room. This is a new path I am on. A new passion I have discovered. Thanks to my boyfriend for giving me $15.00. I am so happy he wanted to go fishing that day. He caught a fish and I rediscovered an art I had hidden away.

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