Red light Green light: Twist Kids Yoga style

Most of us have played the game red light green light. I personally remember playing it all through my childhood and as I recall it was one of my favorite group games.

It really doesn’t matter how many play as long as there is a player and a leader.

Tonight I had one of my smaller kids yoga classes. The energy in the room was high and the students were active and enthusiastic about getting started. Each child had their idea, but we had to decide who was going to play their game first. I handled it by having them pick a number between 1 and 10. I chose 4 and one of the students was spot on. Her idea was the game four corners. We played it peaceful gesture style. The person whose corner is called goes to the middle and teaches a yoga pose.
If the corner wasn’t picked, I then stepped in and taught a pose. It was a nice few rounds. Smooth and dynamic.

The next child, who selected 7 in the 1-10 game was able to lead the activity following four corners. Red light Green light was the game we played. We played it Peaceful Gesture Style.
I had my chimes and used them for red light. Green light Go, Yellow light tip toe on the ground and Red light ring the chimes and put the children in child’s pose. They responded to this very well. They were able to be active and still take a break. I followed different routines throughout the game where I’d sequence it to be in harmony with the next light. Like the order of the lights, they feel the sense of fast, slow and stop. They learn it in ways that teaches them how this applies to life.

I had a blast leading it and observing it.

I ended the class with an 8 minute recorded yoga nidra along with foot massages and lavender cloths.
It was a nice way to end this fun and playful class.


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