Moon Salutations: Gentle Sequence

Moon salutation: gentle version
Here’s a sequence to follow for moon salutations. This gentle version is a good base for learning the full sequence.
These are sequences handed down from the wise women of Kripalu Yoga Center who created these sequences in the 1980’s. I can credit Megha Nancy Buttenheim for her contribution and knowledge.

This is a graceful practice for connecting with the moon.

Blessings on you journey!

*Standing lateral to the right
*Back to center
*Standing lateral to left
*Back to center
*Five pointed star
*Triangle right side
*Intense leg stretch right side
*Right foot in back, left foot bent front
*Five pointed star
*Lateral to right
*Lateral to left
*Five pointed star
*Triangle left side
*Intense leg stretch left side
*Left leg back right foot forward

Do 2 to 4 rounds

Note: this photo is not mine. It’s someone’s and they would appreciate its not stolen. I hope I can find the website. Namaste.

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Toega is such a fun activity to do with kids! I’ve always loved incorporating this into my kids yoga classes.
What’s Toega? Toega is yoga for the toes. Toes need some serious stretching sometimes. This is especially true considering we use are feet in many poses. Toega goes beyond stretching all ten toes in tadasana.
Stretch your toes. Very wide. Put your fingers between your toes. Open the toes wide.
Crayons are a fun way to do Toega as well! Get a few crayons and put them between your toes. Get colorful. Pick up the crayons with your toes. Get creative. Take a big piece of paper and start drawing with your feet. You may surprise yourself with what you can draw with your feet.


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