#Hashtag #Ihaveitfiguredout

So many people don’t understand what all the #’s are that they see on some of their friends Facebook and Instagram posts. To some eyes it looks sloppy and messy. Almost like an unedited piece that needs grammar corrections. Or it may appear that the word is misspelled.

It took me some time to figure out all of the hype with #’s everywhere on social media. Every persons post seemed to #hashtageverything from #kittens to #hashtagcrazy to #saturdaynightisthefunnestnightoftheweek
Long hashtags. Hashtag #whatdoesthismean.

I slowly started to figure it out and it made sense. On sites like Instagram or Facebook a person can #hashtag a word or phrase related to something either on their mind or in their work.
I noticed businesses using this system and then I noticed the #hashtags were written in bold print. When my intuition lead me to click on the word, it lead me to others who had posted the same hashtag.
It fascinates me now as a marketing wannabe. I like #hashtagging my posts because it helps to market my work. When I hashtag #kidsyoga it then leads me to others in the world who are doing the same thing.
I feel like its a modern way to relate to others through technology and social media. One can connect with others and learn from their ideas and the innovations of their work.
Makes sense to me. I like it. Thumbs up (like a Facebook like).
So if you like kittens or just want to go #hashtagcrazy then start trying this trend.
Trend. That’s the right word for this.
It’s like the bell bottom jeans of the internet. It’s likely to be a trend that will be misunderstood and then eventually it will be technologies hottest fashion. It may go out of style, but there will always be room for its come back.


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