In every Autumn there is a Spring

In every autumn there is a spring. All you need to do is look around and see what’s blossoming around you. Yes, autumn is a time where leaves change, the weather gets colder and things start to fall. We see leaves change colors, we watch them fall and we step are feet onto them and hear them crunch.
Don’t let the changes of seasons bring you down when all you can think of is spring. Yes, in the spring we watch the flowers bloom, we smell the aroma in the air and life begins again after the cold dead feeling of winter.
Truthfully, we can find that same bloom in the midst of any season. I have learned to find this through my yoga practice.
In the ancient practice of yoga, yogis practice mudras. A mudra is a hand gesture that activates energy from within. There are several different mudras and the one people are most familiar with is Anjali mudra or hands in prayer position.
When you want to open your heart or find spring in the midst of fall, try using Lotus Mudra. Lotus mudra is my favorite. I use it in many poses. I mostly use it in seated lotus or tree pose. Lotus Mudra awakens the heart. This mudra is perfect when you need to practice metta or loving kindness.

How to do Lotus Mudra:
Bring the heels of the palms together, thumb tips and pinky fingertips touching. Keep your knuckles separate and let your fingers blossom like the petals of a flower.

Below is a picture of me practicing Lotus Mudra in the midst of autumn.


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