Sloww Down

What are you scared of? asked Dee, the blonde haired, blue-eyed lady in the Kripalu sauna who was washing the mirror.

I never understood what it was that she was asking me. It just came out of the blue. We were both cleaning the sauna and I was just scrubbing away at the floor when she spoke up.  She also asked me if I ever just sat and did gentle asanas. She told me that I was powerful and that if I slowed down I would be more powerful.

slow down

I tried so hard to ignore it because I wanted so bad to keep on pushing my body and continue doing rather than being.

She was a reflection of myself giving me permission to take time out and just BE.

I tried so hard to push away what she was trying to give me. I was unconscious of her offering and paranoid of my own need to BE who she was trying to say I was. There was nothing wrong with what she offered and there was nothing wrong with my reaction. I just wasn’t ready. Her advice was powerful and I needed to find it within me before I could accept it.

That was in December of 2004. That was only 9 years ago.

I’m so thankful that I have continued to think of that moment and her powerful advice. Since that day, I’ve found it within myself, but haven’t always accepted it. Although there were times that I only accepted it on my own time, it doesn’t make it wrong. It just means that I had to encounter other moments or lessons to be reminded of it. I’ve done so many asanas since then and taken a billion breathes in between.

I’m sitting right with that spirit. That spirit is giving me the courage to see myself as something else. SHE is lighting the way for a positive future. The one I longed for, but was too stubborn to slow down and BE. The same future that I longed for on the day I was given permission to slow down.


2 thoughts on “Sloww Down

  1. just be………….. I love it and I love spending time just being. It’s hard in today’s world to stop and move slow, our world is so fast…. but we need to. here’s to the turtle’s way of live 🙂

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