What if you caught up with your 20 year old self. What would you say?

So I’ve been reading all of these great blogs lately about ‘What I would tell my 20yr old self’. It’s had me thinking of what I would tell my 20 yr old self.
To eat more veggies? Yes. To let life flow? For sure!


I’d also tell my 20 year old stuff to not be so afraid. To calm down and let love rule rather than fear. I’d look myself straight in the face and say ‘You don’t have to be married with kids by the age of 27. In fact you don’t even have to have that at age 38. Just let the universe flow and expect the unexpected. Don’t worry about what others think of you. What they think is none of your business.’ I’d end by saying ‘be more patient with your process and trust your inner voice. ‘
I would probably want to say more, but I think that’s it for now.
18 years ago I had no idea that my life would be as free, positive and amazing as it is. My 38 yr old self likes the way things have unfolded and feels excitement for what’s ahead.
So….what would you tell your 20 year old self?

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