Who cares if people think you are a lunatic, isn’t everybody?

Happy Full Moon! (howwwwl!)

On my way back from teaching yoga this morning, I think I hit every traffic jam possible. This didn’t mix well with a very hungry belly. I started to feel hangry, a slang term used to describe a feeling of anger from being to hungry. I was trying to get somewhere so that I could fill my belly before literally trying to navigate around 65% of Charlotte (the 2nd fastest growing city in the U.S.A). I discovered that hunger, traffic and a full moon don’t mix. My need for freedom in movement and a nourished belly were being opposed by the slow flow of buses, trucks and cars trying to get to their final destinations.

The full moon is the lunar phase that occurs every 28 days when the moon is completely illuminated as seen from the Earth. Astrologically, it occurs when the moon is in opposition with the sun. The moon rules the unconscious self where the sun rules the conscious self. In more technical terms it happens when the ecliptic longitudes of the sun differ from the moon by 180 degrees. Aside from the more technical and scientific terms, there is the spiritual or shall I say,  more deeper side to the full moon.

full moon

Traditionally, full moons are associated with insomnia and insanity (this is where the term lunatic’ comes from, makes sense huh?) Some doctors would say that the emergency rooms are busier at this time and babies are likely to be born if it falls around their due date.

The full moon is also a natural time in the feminine cycle for ‘ovulation’ or creation. The full moon is a time to gather and celebrate life. Positive activities such as dancing, high intensity activities and celebrations are at a peak in this phase. When it is a full moon be more playful and live life to the fullest. Who cares if people think you are a lunatic, isn’t everybody?

Over the past couple of days I’ve definitely noticed the full moon approaching. I’m sensitive as it is, but I feel that I am more sensitive to weirdness around this lunar phase. I either witness people acting like lunatics or I’m the one acting a little nutty (or both).

Today I found myself really wanting to play. I practiced yoga at 5:30 am before going to teach a 7:00 am yoga class, which I focused my intention solely on the full moon. Halfway through the day I felt the urge to take a nice brisk walk along the green way and then a few hours later, after journaling, creating and working on my business I felt the urge to dance. Normally, when I get this urge I either turn on a trance dance album or an 80’s station to release whatever needs to be released. Things got a little weird in my living room this afternoon. Instead of trance dancing or rockin’ out to Pat Benatar, I put on a kids yoga favorite ‘Hip Hop Yoga Bop.’ It was an epic 10 minutes of freeze dancing and doing yoga. I literally felt like a 10yr old girl again rockin’ out in teal green spandex, a tank top and the windows open. What a better way to express myself then to bring out my inner child. I absolutely love the quote ‘and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’

So the moral of the story? Celebrate life during the full moon! Don’t be afraid to be a little bit of a lunatic! Express yourself! Be Wild! Be Free! After all, we only get one life in this incredible body living during these incredible times…..

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