11-23-1999 ‘I choose Life’


I can only sit here and think, dream and hope. Hope for peace and spirituality in my life. I don’t want to provoke negativity in my life. I want serenity, harmony, ecstasy, joy and love in my life. I want to bring in the new millennium with peace. It’s strange to think about the millennium and what the future holds. Not the future of my life, but the future of humanity. The future of evolution. I wonder what will happen with religion, spirituality and the essence of the universe. Life is amazing as long as you can have optimism and good intentions. I am strong and I only want to get stronger. I want to continue to be aware of who I am. I don’t want to live a negative life, I choose to live a positive life. I want those who have exchanged with me such  amazing vibes, love etc…to know that I am grateful! I choose to continue reaching for a higher level. I am aware that there are levels for everything you do. I want to overcome difficulties and I want to accomplish all of my goals and live all of my dreams. OOoooooh do I want that. I want to reach to the sky. I choose to believe. I choose to learn. OOoooh do I choose the sunny side of life! I choose not to live in a dark hole. I choose to live with the sun shining a bright ectastic light of life. The depth of the ocean within it. I appreciate the AHhhhh moments and choose to feel this way to the eternal end. Self Realization, acceptance, dancing,singing the funky chicken everyday. I choose awaken everyday and open up my windows or doors and yell ‘LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!’ I want my yard to be filled with beautiful flowers all representing the beautiful oneness of life. I want to make love to the sun, moon and stars. I want to walk on the moon and I want to embrace the universe. I want to go on a flight. On my flight I want to travel to all of the depths of life…..I choose life.

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