blankets, pillow pets, lavender cloths and foot massages.



Savasana is hands down a kids favorite yoga pose. I’ve worked in this field long enough to observe the reaction of savasana with kids.
They usually enter the room with high energy and getting them to calm down is often very challenging. It’s my responsibility as a teacher to make sure they get exposed to other relaxation techniques as well as savasana. One technique that works really well is ringing a chime, which then they know (from being told previously) that it’s time for child’s pose. It depends on the energy of the room when deciding how long to keep them there. Maybe just a few breaths or maybe a whole minute.
My classes are mostly very active, which by the time savasana comes, they get excited because they get blankets, pillow pets, lavender cloths and foot massages. Some kids become restless after a couple of minutes, while others don’t want to get up.
Most the time I am walking around pampering them with foot rubs while other times they want to partner up and share massages with each other. Watching them connect is the best part.

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