We were born to Love


As Valentines day weekend and the full moon come to a close, I wanted to take some time to share with you a powerful experience that I had today.

I was at an ecstatic dance class this afternoon and the theme for the class was Compassion and Connection. A perfect theme for valentine’s day weekend, right?

We spent about a half an hour warming up are bodies and getting them prepared for an hour of conscious movement. I knew that the theme was a heart based one, so I warmed up by doing various heart openers and back bends so that I could be in alignment with the rhythm of the music.

After warming up we sat in a circle and opened up the dance through a short candle meditation. Eyes focused on the flickering candle and air moving in and out of the lungs. Before allowing myself to stand up and begin dancing, I sat with my eyes closed and reflected on the light from within. In that moment, a very powerful vision appeared before my eyes. I saw the shape of a heart. A few breaths later the heart began to separate but not completely…This partial separation turned into connection. The heart began to intertwine and two people, two lovers began to look each other in the eyes as the shape of a new-born baby was revealed within them.


The message I took from this vision was that of unity, love and life. This connection, this image, revealing that we are born to love.

That’s compassion and connection…..