5 things to remind yourself daily

I was surfing through my Instagram this evening and I came across this fabulous picture via @yogainspiration.


5 things to remind yourself daily:
1.) I am amazing
Yes! I am amazing and I shine! I wake up everyday and shine my bright light to the world. I do it with confidence and wear it with pride. I design my own form of awesome and others deserves to see me.

2.) I can do anything
Of course I can! It’s my birthright. I was born to share my talents and if I believe I can then I can…

3.) Positivity is a choice
Just as I choose what I wear in the morning, I choose the thoughts that I think. I choose positive and loving thoughts over negative and fearful ones. When I think with a positive mind set, I create a life of miracles.

4.) I celebrate my individuality
I am a unique individual with a unique purpose. I own who I am and I wear my crown with pride. My crown is also like a hat. I don’t just wear one hat, but a few. Each hat that I choose to wear represents all of my uniqueness.

5.) I am prepared to succeed
I have all of the necessary resources within me to create a successful life. I am ready to step foot out into the world and share my gifts. Everyday I set a goal (or maybe 3 goals) and everyday I am successful.

Write these 5 things down and remind yourself of them daily. After writing them down, try writing your own unique belief such as a mantra, an affirmation or phrase that you can fully integrate into your daily practice. Post it on your mirror or your doorway and start believing all of these 5 great things about yourself.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you can bring these 5 reminders into your daily life.



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