How I came up with the name ‘Mary Breath Yoga’

How did I come up with the name Mary Breath yoga? It started like this: it started as a kid when my Moms friend started calling me Mary Breath. Some of the other kids caught on and started calling me Bad breath Mary Beth. I absolutely hated it. It made me cry every time. Then years later, I got into yoga and my favorite part of the practice is the breath. One day while practicing, it dawned on me. I was Mary Breath and not bad breath Mary Beth. It felt right. It made sense. It felt natural. I had already discovered that I wanted to make teaching my full time career. But I needed a name for my business. One that was authentic and truthful to me. One that would embody my being. And so it clicked again. Mary Breath Yoga was born. So the truth is, I turned my childhood ‘traumas’ into my brilliance. I own the name not as a label or a brand, but I own it because I turned my own lead into gold. I turned my frown upside down 🙂 #marybreathyoga #purpose #ownyourstory


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