‘Yoga Woman’ words and yoga game.

Who remembers the game ‘hang man?’ Here’s the yoga version. ‘Yoga man’ or ‘yoga woman’ using yoga poses instead of random words. Drawing a yogi in mountain pose instead of a man hanging. Teaching kids about ahimsa/nonviolence while at the same time teaching them yoga poses. It’s so fun! All the kids loved it!


How to set up and do anahata pose

Here is a short video for you to see how to set up and practice anahata pose. This pose is followed by reclined butterfly. This is a great way to start a heart opening yoga practice, a great start to any good practice or to simply start your day with by getting into your heart chakra. My friend Muriel taught me this at Nosara Yoga Institute and I’m thankful because it really is a nice pose!

My first batch of DIY natural deodorant

My first official batch of DIY natural deodorant. Here’s how I made it: you’ll need coconut oil, baking soda, corn starch and essential oils. I took 1/4 cup of baking soda & 1/4 cup corn starch and mixed it into a bowl. Then I added 6 tablespoons of coconut oil. Mash it together with a fork until completely mixed. I then added a few small drops of lavender oil and a few small drops of tea tree oil. Voila! I am storing my batch in this glass jar. My boho hippie self has no problem slabbing it onto my pits. #diy #naturaldeodorant

New rates for Tween Yoga at Avondale

I am now offering class passes for the Tween Yoga class at
Avondale Presbyterian.
I realize that it may be hard to commit each month this summer due to vacation and summer activities. For this summer (and possibly moving forward from there) I’ll be offering different options.
* Monthly membership: $50.00
* 5 class pass $80.00 (expires Aug 28 2014)
* 10 class pass $140.00 (expires Aug 28 2014)

There will still be a deadline each month for the monthly membership. That deadline will always be 1 week before each session starts.

For further information email me at peacefulgestureyoga@gmail.com