A recipe for a SIMPLE natural deodorant

I am psyched about this new simple recipe that I experimented with tonight. It’s a very simple and reliable way to deodorize.
First of all, you aren’t going to find many toxic free deodorants on the shelf at the local drug store. There are only a few that I actually trust, which to be honest, I’d rather smell than wear a cancer causing deodorant. But really, I don’t want to stink, so instead I choose to eat good foods that aren’t going to leave me reeking. The same digestive system that digests my food also digests the creams and beauty products that I put on my skin.
I’d rather not eat poison so I try and go as organic as possible. If I am supposed to be in the kitchen cooking, shouldn’t I be in the bathroom mixing up creams too?
So I’ve now got this deodorant to try. All it takes is baking soda, coconut oil and lavender essential oil.
Check out the Simple recipe below and slab it on each arm pit.


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