Swimming through deeper waters.

When things come up in my life I turn to both my yoga mat and my journal. Both help me to get rid of the things that are holding me back from letting go and surrendering into the true essence of my soul.
Both are nourishing and hold space for what I need to let go of. Both practices offer me profound insight into my soul, which allows me to grow like a lotus.
The morning is when I often turn to these practices. I’ll meditate on my cushion and then write in my journal. Once I am done writing I step onto my mat and breathe it all in & breathe it all out…ahhhh…surrender.

It also feels good to write it out….

When others try and bring me down I see this scenario:

They are swimming in shallow waters watching others swim in the deeper waters. It’s unfortunate that they are being so small and shallow inside that they think that watching others in deep water will cause those to drown. All it does is put those who are in the shallow water closer to the wall and those who are swimming deep out into new territories.

How exciting for those who are swimming in the deeper waters to explore and discover new oceans and territories. How unfortunate for those who are in the shallow water to deny their potential of swimming deep and discovering the wonders of the ocean.

What if they allowed themselves to go deeper.
Perhaps I can help them to not be afraid of the depths.
Imagine what they’d find.


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